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Helping Carmel, IN Patients with Maxillofacial Surgery

Cool Creek Dentistry’s dedication to comprehensive care for our patients throughout Carmel, IN includes maxillofacial surgery. We provide a variety of treatments for a broad range of conditions, including root canal therapy, dentures, and preventative care through general dentistry. When your issues involve facial reconstruction, our maxillofacial surgical procedures rectify problems occurring in your jaw, teeth, mouth, or face. Procedures involving the oral cavity in the realm of facial reconstruction require a trained and proficient specialist. Surgical procedures performed in the head and neck area call for a maxillofacial surgeon. There are various issues that prompt the need for this type of surgery, and some of the common procedures are for jaw surgery and denture-related issues. Our team of caring specialists will evaluate your current conditions and discuss your best options for treatment. If maxillofacial surgery is the most appropriate action, we’ll ensure you get surgical care from our highly-skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

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Correcting Issues with the Jaw

Misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, buck teeth, and protruding chins all qualify for the skilled care of maxillofacial surgery. For many people, their jaws don’t grow at the same rate, with one jaw developing longer or not aligning with other structures of the skull properly. These scenarios can cause issues that affect more than a person’s appearance. When a jaw is improperly aligned, it can affect the tongue and lips and cause problems with chewing and speech. With surgery, we can move your jaw, so it’s in its proper place. Maxillofacial surgery procedures also address and resolve issues with the cheeks, nose, and other upper facial features. In addition to surgical jaw correction, a patient might also need orthodontic appliances like braces to ensure proper alignment and restore their bite. To promote faster healing and keep the jaw in place, we may use small rubber bands or tiny wires. Other cases might call for small “fixation” plates or screws that we insert in the jaws. These can be beneficial after surgery to facilitate easy jaw movement.

Resolving Denture Fatigue Issues

If you’ve worn dentures for a substantial period, the wear and tear of your appliance against the soft tissues in your mouth can cause damage. You might experience a noticeable loss of your gum tissue and possibly bone. Maxillofacial surgery may be an option to correct these problems in extreme cases. Our procedures include jaw realignment, manipulating the soft tissues, bone grafts, and other surgical methods to restore your oral cavity to its best condition. Cool Creek Dentistry shares your concern with degrading tissue and other issues related to your dentures, as well as conditions affecting your teeth, jaws, and face. If you’ve been noticing soreness, pain, or anything else making your teeth and mouth uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 317-846-3436 at your earliest convenience!